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Trump pops into White House briefing room for one-minute impromptu speech


Trump pops into White House briefing room for one-minute impromptu speech

President Donald Trump has kept an unusually low profile since his election defeat, making few public appearances and hardly speaking except for on Twitter.

But when the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed 30,000 for the first time on Tuesday, Trump emerged to take a victory lap.

“That is a sacred number,” said Trump, who has long fixated on the stock market as the barometer of his administration’s economic performance. “Nobody thought they’d ever see it.”

The appearance lasted just over a minute, and reporters were given hardly any notice, showing the hastiness of the remarks.

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The index had hovered near that mark earlier this month amid news that vaccines for coronavirus demonstrated effectiveness and could soon apply for emergency authorization. The market crested Tuesday after the GSA administrator the night before cleared the way for president-elect Joe Biden to begin coordinating with the government he will take over in January.

"I’m very thrilled with what has happened on the vaccine front,” Trump said, with Pence by his side. “That’s been absolutely incredible.”

The appearance was not on the president’s schedule until moments before he showed up, and Trump took no questions from the press before exiting the room.

Trump is scheduled to hold the annual turkey pardoning ceremony later in the afternoon, a typically light-hearted event the president has seemingly reveled in over his prior three years in office.

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