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Rate players out of 10 throughout or after the game. The rater will close 30 minutes after the final whistle.

Rating range key1 = Give it up10 = Pure perfection


  1. Squad number1Player nameMcCarthy

  2. Squad number24Player nameWalker-Peters

  3. Squad number5Player nameStephens

  4. Squad number35Player nameBednarek

  5. Squad number21Player nameBertrand

  6. Squad number17Player nameArmstrong

  7. Squad number16Player nameWard-Prowse

  8. Squad number14Player nameOriol Romeu

  9. Squad number22Player nameRedmond

  10. Squad number9Player nameIngs

  11. Squad number10Player nameAdams

    No players have been substituted yet

Manchester City

  1. Squad number31Player nameEderson

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  2. Squad number27Player nameJoão Cancelo

  3. Squad number50Player nameGarcía

  4. Squad number14Player nameLaporte

  5. Squad number11Player nameZinchenko

  6. Squad number20Player nameBernardo Silva

  7. Squad number25Player nameFernandinho

  8. Squad number21Player nameSilva

  9. Squad number26Player nameMahrez

  10. Squad number9Player nameGabriel Jesus

  11. Squad number7Player nameSterling

  1. Squad number17Player nameDe Bruyne

  2. Squad number47Player nameFoden

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