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2 Proud Boys face federal conspiracy charges in Capitol riot

By 3 months ago

NEW YORK — Two men identified as members of the Proud Boys have been indicted on federal conspiracy and other charges in the Capitol riot as prosecutors raise the stakes in some of the slew of cases stemming from the Jan. 6 insurrection. Dominic Pezzola, a former Marine who authorities say was seen on video […]

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Why do some people risk their lives for fun?

By 3 months ago

The pandemic has shown how risk-averse humans usually are. But there are always outliers

Moroccan Nuclear Institute, IAEA Extend Partnership to Help the Spread of Nuclear Techniques in Africa

By 3 months ago

Morocco’s National Center for Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology (CNESTEN) has become the first nuclear institution in Africa to work with the IAEA in more than one field of nuclear applications as a Collaborating Centre.

Save the Date: First IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Law, 7-11 February 2022

By 3 months ago

The IAEA is organizing its first International Conference on Nuclear Law: The Global Debate (ICNL 2022), from 7 to 11 February 2022, at its headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Markets latest: Ribbit Capital backs Robinhood’s $1bn convertible debt issue

By 3 months ago

British business leaders warn of ‘substantial difficulties’ at UK ports

By 3 months ago

Letter says government needs to act quickly to resolve customs issues faced by exporters following Brexit The leaders of Britain’s five largest business groups have warned the government that firms face “substantial difficulties” at UK ports since Brexit, with the prospect of a “significant loss of business” if the situation is allowed to continue. Following […]

Coronavirus and Federalism

By 3 months ago

I was a big fan of federalism (to the extent it still exists) before any of us ever heard of the coronavirus. And, given the federal government’s incompetent response to the pandemic, I’m an even bigger fan of federalism today. Though that doesn’t mean states are paragons of efficiency and competence. Here’s a map from […]

Markets latest: Express and AMC shares fall sharply amid wild price swings on Wall Street

By 3 months ago

Blacks, Trump, and Media Bias

By 3 months ago

I rarely write about media bias, but I sometimes come across stories that cry out for correction because of blatant inaccuracies. The New York Times asserting that government schools are “starved of funding” when taxpayer subsidies actually have skyrocketed. The Washington Post claiming a GOP budget included “large cuts” when spending actually would grow 3.3 percent […]

Au Royaume-Uni, Brexit et Covid-19 provoquent l’exode des expatriés européens

By 3 months ago

Amorcé après le résultat du référendum sur le Brexit en 2016, le départ des non-natifs s’est accentué avec la pandémie de Covid-19. Une hémorragie qui s’explique par les confinements à répétition et la perte d’emplois.

What Matters More to Biden: Union Bosses or Poor Children?

By 3 months ago

I have a Bureaucrat Hall of Fame to highlight government employees who have turned sloth and overcompensation into an art form, and I have a Moocher Hall of Fame to illustrate the destructive entitlement mindset that exists when politicians pay people to do nothing. I’m now thinking we also need another Hall of Fame to […]

Radiation Safety in Use of Nuclear Gauges: IAEA Issues Recommendations

By 3 months ago

Nuclear gauges are devices with a radioactive source or radiation generator, which are used to measure parameters such as thickness, density, moisture and tank or column fill levels in pavements, petroleum and plastic.

Relation entre la Russie et les Etats-Unis : le premier contact entre Biden et Poutine referme la parenthèse Trump

By 3 months ago

Le nouveau président américain a obtenu un premier résultat, avec un accord sur le traité de réduction des arsenaux nucléaires. Mais il n’a pas tu ses préoccupations sur l’opposant Alexeï Navalny et les cyberattaques russes.

Beyond Meat shares surge after launch of joint venture with PepsiCo

By 3 months ago

Sustainable food group aims to use global reach of US brand famed for its sugary drink

« Entre la Chine et le Pakistan, la “route de la soie” est devenue un corridor de la dette »

By 3 months ago

Pivot des « nouvelles routes de la soie », les projets de méga-infrastructures reliant la Chine à l’océan indien patinent, observe Julien Bouissou, journaliste au « Monde », dans sa chronique.

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