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A Rally In Support Of Capitol Attackers Is Coming To D.C. Here’s What To Expect.

By 3 months ago

Despite fears of violence on Saturday, it’s unclear which of the major far-right groups, if any, will show up for the event.

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Biden and Pelosi’s Tax Plan Will Penalize Success

By 3 months ago

When I discuss class-warfare tax policy, I want people to understand deadweight loss, which is the term for the economic output that is lost when high tax rates discourage work, saving, investment, and entrepreneurship. And I especially want them to understand that the economic damage grows exponentially as tax rates increase (in other words, going […]

Beyond the Lab Coat: From Materials Science to Programme Management

By 3 months ago

“It is the link between my work and the wellbeing of entire communities that makes my job so rewarding,” says Petra Salame, a Programme Management Officer (PMO) at the IAEA in charge of the Agency’s technical cooperation projects in China, Indonesia and Viet Nam.

what is webhosting

By 3 months ago

What is web hosting?Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to own a website or web page on the Internet. A web host, or hosting service provider, is a company that provides the technologies and services necessary to own a website or web page on the Internet. Websites are placed or stored…

Senate Democrats Introduce Joe Manchin-Led Voting Rights Compromise Bill

By 3 months ago

If Manchin can’t find 10 Republicans to support his bill, the Freedom to Vote Act is heading toward a collision with the Senate’s filibuster rules.

Mohammad Hassan Akhund Is to Lead Afghanistan’s Government. Here’s What to Know about the Taliban’s New Prime Minister

By 3 months ago

Little more than three weeks after their rapid sweep to power in Afghanistan, the Taliban has announced the country’s interim government. Comprising high-ranking loyalists and militants with terrorist links, the new, all-male cabinet marks a stark departure from the inclusive government promised by the deputy prime minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. To the surprise of […]

Barrett concerned about public perception of Supreme Court

By 3 months ago

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett expressed concerns Sunday that the public may increasingly see the court as a partisan institution. Justices must be “hyper vigilant to make sure they’re not letting personal biases creep into their decisions, since judges are people, too,” Barrett said at a lecture hosted by the University […]

Great Moments in Foreign Government

By 3 months ago

Time to update our series on “great moments in foreign government.” We’ll start with Jersey. I wrote a few years ago about the (relatively) good tax laws in that British dependent territory off the coast of France. But there are two ways those laws could be improved. First, officials could abolish its income tax because […]

IAEA Completes Nuclear Security Advisory Mission in Burkina Faso

By 3 months ago

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts completed a nuclear security advisory mission in Burkina Faso today, which was carried out at the request of its Government.

CNN’s Jake Tapper Attacks Joe Biden For ‘Scolding’ The Unvaccinated

By 3 months ago

The president should be going after the “liars” and not “the people being lied to,” said Tapper.

The World’s Most Famous Private Detective Makes No Apologies

By 3 months ago

About a decade ago, when his mansion in upstate New York started feeling too cramped for all his grandkids, Jules Kroll, the world’s most famous private detective, set out to build a bigger one on a neighboring parcel of land. The owner of the plot sensed an opportunity and tried to jack up the price. […]

To Which Hypothetical Political Party Do You Belong?

By 3 months ago

Whether they are based on 10 questions or 144 questions, I can’t resist taking quizzes that supposedly identify one’s political or economic philosophy. The good news, according to various quizzes, is that I’m 92 percent minarchist and only 6 percent communist. And, based on the quiz I shared most recently, I’m a “minimalist” who is […]

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh Wants to Improve Blue-Collar Work. Can He Convince Washington?

By 3 months ago

Having an exceptionally productive month at work could ruin Chloe Morgan. A single mother to four boys under the age of ten, Morgan is a saleswoman in Dayton, Ohio, with a $30,000 base salary that is supplemented by a commission. Too big of a bonus would risk her family losing food stamps, Medicaid, and—worst of […]

Trumper Who Chartered Buses To Jan. 6 Rally Pleads Guilty In Capitol Breach Case

By 3 months ago

Frank Scavo said he traveled with about 200 people from Pennsylvania to D.C. for the Donald Trump rally on Jan. 6.

Economic Policy Institute Names Economist Heidi Shierholz Its Next President

By 3 months ago

The former Labor Department chief economist says the think tank isn’t done burying the idea that “people are paid what they’re quote-unquote worth.”

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