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Conversation with Phil Ollenberg, Enrollment Expert in Canadian Universities and Colleges

By 2 months ago

As part of our series on enrolling in Canadian Universities and Colleges we have been conversing with many leaders and experts in university admissions and enrollment. One such expert is Mr. Phil Ollenberg who has worked in Canadian Universities and Colleges for 15 years.   Mr. Phil Ollenberg has given many countless presentations to parents,…

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Russians try to storm Mariupol plant, strike Odesa

By 2 months ago

KYIV, Ukraine — Russian forces in Ukraine tried to storm a steel plant housing soldiers and civilians in the southern city of Mariupol on Saturday while attempting to crush the last corner of resistance in a location of high symbolic and strategic value to Moscow, Ukrainian officials said. The reported assault on the eve of […]

Russia Is Using Rape As A Weapon Of War Against Ukraine

By 2 months ago

There is a grim historical precedent for what Russian forces are doing, Harvard’s Dara Kay Cohen tells HuffPost.

Majority Of Americans Want Travelers To Wear Masks: Poll

By 2 months ago

Interviews took place shortly before a federal judge halted the national mask mandate on planes and other shared transit.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Moves To Strip Disney Of Self-Governing Power

By 2 months ago

The Republican called a special legislative session to begin Tuesday.

‘I Just Think Sarah These Days Is Not a Person to Be Taken Seriously’

By 2 months ago

David Siders is a national political correspondent for POLITICO.

Twitter Users All Facepalm At New Jersey Governor’s Missed Opportunity For 420

By 2 months ago

Gov. Phil Murphy announced that his state would start selling recreational cannabis for those 21 and older on April 21.

Ron DeSantis Signals Support For Woman Who Stole Fetal Remains From D.C. Clinic

By 2 months ago

The Florida governor repeated the lie that the fetal remains were the size of “basically infants.”

Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto Faces Tough Reelection Fight

By 3 months ago

The Silver State has trended blue in recent elections, but that could change this November in what is shaping up to be a brutal year for Democrats.

Hundreds of House districts are being redrawn. Here’s who’s winning and losing.

By 3 months ago

New state maps will mold the balance of power in Congress for the next decade. We’re keeping tabs on every single one in our new redistricting tracker.

War crimes were part of Russia’s master plan, national security adviser says

By 3 months ago

National security adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday that the war crimes committed by Russian forces in Ukraine were part of President Vladimir Putin’s master plan for the invasion. “We, in fact, before the war began declassified intelligence and presented it,” Sullivan said on ABC’s “This Week,” “indicating that there was a plan from the highest […]

A deadlock on Jackson’s SCOTUS nomination? What happens if the committee ties

By 3 months ago

Senate Dems would have to use a tool they’ve invoked *14 times* this Congress — albeit not on a nomination this big.

Perma-sanctions: Biden under pressure to punish Russia until Putin’s gone

By 3 months ago

Evidence that Russian troops murdered hundreds of Ukrainian civilians is leading some U.S. lawmakers to insist that America and its allies keep sanctions on Moscow so long as Vladimir Putin remains in power — even if he withdraws from Ukraine. The sentiment is likely to grow in a Congress where anti-Putin feeling is strong and […]

Oklahoma House Sends Aggressive Abortion Ban To Governor

By 3 months ago

Under the proposed law, a person convicted of performing an abortion would face up to a decade in prison and a $100,000 fine.

Biden’s Farcical Tax Plan

By 3 months ago

I’ve already written that massive spending increases for various bureaucracies is the most offensive part of Biden’s new budget. But I explicitly noted that these huge budgetary increases (well above the rate of inflation, unlike what’s happening to incomes for American families) were not the most economically harmful feature of Biden’s plan. That dubious honor […]

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