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The “Pandora Papers”

By 2 months ago

Audio is not supported in your browser Remember the supposedly breathtaking revelations from the “Panama Papers” back in 2016? We were told those stolen documents were an indictment against so-called tax havens, but the real lesson was that politicians and other government insiders are very prone to corruption. Well, it’s happened again. Thieves stole millions […]

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How Free Markets Made Us Rich

By 2 months ago

Don Boudreaux, Deirdre McCloskey, and Dan Hannan have all explained how capitalism enabled mass prosperity after endless stagnation and poverty. There’s a similar message in this video from Kite & Key Media. The most relevant parts start at 2:30, though I recommend watching the entire video. But if you don’t have time to watch any […]

At the Forefront of Ocean Research and Conservation: IAEA Environment Laboratories in Monaco Turn 60

By 2 months ago

The role of the IAEA Environment Laboratories in Monaco in helping conserve the ocean for future generations by applying nuclear technologies was emphasized at last week’s events that marked the 60th anniversary of the labs.

Francis Collins to step down as NIH director

By 2 months ago

National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins plans to announce his resignation on Tuesday after nearly three decades at the agency, including 12 years at the helm, three sources tell POLITICO. The 71-year-old physician-geneticist led the agency under three consecutive presidents — making him the first presidentially appointed NIH director to serve in more than […]

China tariffs stay in place as Biden trade chief looks to new talks

By 2 months ago

The United States will reopen talks with China over its failure to comply with the trade deal signed during the Trump administration and restart a process for U.S. companies to win exemptions from tariffs on Chinese products, U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said on Monday in a speech laying out the Biden administration’s trade approach […]

America’s War in Afghanistan Is Over. But in the Horn of Africa, Its War on Terror Rages On

By 2 months ago

In a remote corner of eastern Africa, behind tiers of razor wire and concrete blast walls, it’s possible to get a glimpse of America’s unending war on terrorism. Camp Lemonnier, a 550-acre military base, houses U.S. special-operations teams tasked with fighting the world’s most powerful al-Qaeda affiliates. Unfolding over miles of sun-scorched desert and volcanic […]

Call for Abstracts: International Conference on Topical Issues in Nuclear Installation Safety ꟷ Strengthening Safety of Evolutionary and Innovative Reactor Designs

By 2 months ago

Do you have experience working with evolutionary and innovative reactor designs and are interested in furthering their safety?

Curtailing Destructive Subsidies for Flood Insurance

By 2 months ago

Unless my memory is more faulty than usual, I don’t think I’ve written a single favorable article about any of Joe Biden’s policies. Which isn’t a surprise considering his knee-jerk embrace of higher taxes and bigger government. But it’s now time to praise the President. Why? Because his administration is taking some long-overdue steps to […]

IAEA Collaborating on Notification System to Protect Nuclear Installations from Natural Hazards

By 2 months ago

With little or no warning, nuclear installations around the world could be exposed to natural hazards, from floods and earthquakes to volcanic eruptions, wildfires and more.

Federal appeals court preserves administration’s ability to use Title 42 to expel migrant families

By 2 months ago

A federal court has moved to preserve the Biden administration’s ability to use a Trump-era public health order to expel migrant families arriving at the southern border. The action by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C Circuit comes after a federal judge issued a time-delayed order to block the administration’s use of the […]

House GOP aide targeted in latest subpoenas from Jan. 6 select committee

By 2 months ago

House investigators probing the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol took a rare and little-noticed step on Wednesday, subpoenaing a current House staffer working in the office of Rep. Carol Miller, a West Virginia Republican. Amid a round of 11 subpoenas targeting the organizers of a rally that preceded the violent attack on the Capitol, […]

Fauci Sees Pfizer Vaccine Approval For Young Kids By End Of October

By 2 months ago

Pfizer and BioNTech plan to seek Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization for their COVID-19 vaccine in kids ages 5 to 11.

Chris Hayes Torches ‘COVID Grifters’ At Fox News For Their Latest Vaccine Hypocrisy

By 2 months ago

The MSNBC host noted that Fox News, which has a company vaccine policy, is selling “poison” about vaccine mandates because it’s great for ratings.

White House plays down split with military over Afghanistan withdrawal

By 2 months ago

The White House on Tuesday sought to minimize the impact of congressional testimony from top military officials that contradicted President Joe Biden’s past assertions that he was not urged to keep thousands of troops in Afghanistan. “I think it’s important for the American people to know that these conversations don’t happen in black and white, […]

Grossi Discusses the Future of Nuclear Energy at Geneva Event

By 2 months ago

IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi received the Alumnus of the Year 2020 Award at the Graduate Institute Geneva on Saturday, where he discussed the vital role of nuclear energy in support of climate goals and the mandate of the IAEA to promote the safe and secure use of nuclear technologies.  

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