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Churches, groceries and vans: How states plan to get vaccines to poor communities

By 7 months ago

The first challenge to a successful immunization program is building trust. The second requires overcoming a whole other set of barriers linked to poverty, structural racism and social conditions that have contributed to poorer health for poor and minority communities long before the pandemic. The Trump administration has left it to states to address obstacles […]

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‘Abdication of responsibility’: Biden slams Trump for holding up coronavirus relief

By 7 months ago

President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday took President Donald Trump to task over his refusal so far to sign a coronavirus stimulus package with unemployment benefits for millions set to expire and government funding in limbo. In a statement, Biden slammed Trump for holding up the roughly $900 billion in aid for Americans suffering from economic […]

Democrats in Georgia Senate Contests Raise More Than $200 Million

By 7 months ago

ATLANTA — The Democrats running for Georgia’s two U.S. Senate seats each raised more than $100 million over two months, a massive haul that eclipsed campaign contributions to their Republican opponents and reflects the high stakes of the twin contests. Jon Ossoff, who is taking on Sen. David Perdue, took in more than $106 million […]

US to require people flying from the UK to test for Covid

By 7 months ago

Travellers will need to provide a negative coronavirus result 72 hours before departure

Brexit trade deal to be approved by EU27 ‘within days’

By 7 months ago

Little doubt that deal struck at 11th hour will be signed off, while British MPs are set to be recalled for 30 December vote The 27 members of the EU are expected to approve the post-Brexit trade deal with the UK within days after a Christmas Day briefing of ambassadors by Michel Barnier, the bloc’s […]

Part I: Poverty Is a Problem, not Inequality

By 7 months ago

I have a couple of cameos in a new left-leaning documentary film, Race to the Bottom. I shared a clip two day ago with my views on corporate tax and the Laffer Curve. Today, here’s what I said about the left’s mistaken views on inequality. The fundamental problem is that I think some of our friends on […]

President Trump Golfs as COVID-19 Relief and Government Shutdown Hang in the Balance

By 7 months ago

(PALM BEACH) — After tossing a grenade that threatens to blow up a massive COVID relief and government funding bill and force a government shutdown in the midst of a pandemic, President Donald Trump spent his Christmas Eve golfing in Florida. Failure to agree on the bill could deny checks to millions of Americans on […]

The Poisonous Economics of Wealth Taxation

By 7 months ago

I don’t like higher taxes, whether looking at levies on income, capital gains, payroll, death, or consumption. But if asked to identify the worst way of hiking taxes, the wealth tax might lead the list because of the economic damage caused per dollar collected. If you don’t want to spend two minutes watching the video, […]

Trump pardons Manafort, Stone, father of Jared Kushner

By 7 months ago

President Donald Trump issued a provocative new batch of pardons Wednesday, granting clemency to his former campaign manager Paul Manafort, longtime adviser Roger Stone and Charles Kushner, the father of Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner. The pardons of Manafort and Stone effectively nullify the most significant convictions won by special counsel Robert Mueller […]

Part III: Poverty Is a Problem, not Inequality

By 7 months ago

Ethical people, regardless of ideology, should be motivated by an empathetic desire to help the poor rather than a spiteful thirst to punish the rich. That was the message in Part I and Part II of this series. That’s also today’s message, and we’ll start with this video. There’s a lot of information in this […]

Georgia Poll Closures Limit Black, Latino Voting In Senate Runoffs, Advocates Say

By 7 months ago

Early voting turnout is surging across most of the state — but not in Hall County, where officials halved the number of polling locations.

Part II: Poverty Is a Problem, not Inequality

By 7 months ago

I began yesterday’s column with a short clip of me explaining why we should focus on reducing poverty, not reducing inequality. Here’s a more thorough discussion of the same topic. The video makes three central points, all of which are very sound. The economy is not a fixed pie, the rest of us don’t become […]

Lessons from the pandemic

By 7 months ago

What a particle a ten-thousandth of a millimetre in diameter has taught the inhabitants of a globe 120 billion billion times its size

Nicola Sturgeon apologises for Covid rule breach at funeral

By 7 months ago

Scotland’s first minister was photographed breaking rules by taking her face mask off at a wake Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Nicola Sturgeon has apologised for breaching Covid rules after she was photographed without a face covering at a wake. The Scottish Sun published a picture of Scotland’s first minister standing […]

Coronavirus latest: Turkey tells thousands of people arriving from UK to self-isolate

By 7 months ago

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