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The Unfolding Of ‘Home-Grown Fascism’ In Capitol Assault

By 7 months ago

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday “the evidence is that it was a well-planned, organized group with leadership and guidance and direction.”

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Canadians seethe over lockdown-defying politicians

By 7 months ago

Officials feel heat as country falls behind on Covid vaccine rollout despite securing biggest orders

GOP Sen. Pat Toomey Joins Calls for Trump’s Resignation Over Attack on the Capitol

By 7 months ago

WASHINGTON — Two Republican senators now say President Donald Trump should resign as support for the drive to impeach him a second time is gaining momentum in his final days in office after the deadly riot at the Capitol by a violent mob of Trump supporters. Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania on Sunday joined Alaska […]

Nationalist wins landslide victory in Kyrgyzstan presidential vote

By 7 months ago

Sadyr Japarov — nicknamed Kyrgyz Trump — rose from felon to elected head of state in three months

2020 was Europe’s hottest year

By 7 months ago

Fires, floods and landslides were all part of a record-breaking year for Europe’s climate.

The Most Under-Noticed Development of 2020

By 7 months ago

If you ask normal people about the biggest thing that happened in 2020, they’ll probably pick coronavirus, though some might say the 2020 election. But if you ask a policy wonk, you may get a different answer. Especially if we’re allowed to tweak the question a bit and contemplate the most under-appreciated development of 2020. […]

Man Photographed Carrying Nancy Pelosi’s Lectern At Riot Arrested

By 7 months ago

Adam Christian Johnson of Florida was booked into jail after being identified on social media.

Un Boeing 737 indonésien disparaît après avoir décollé de Djakarta

By 7 months ago

L’appareil, un Boeing 737-500 reliant la capitale indonésienne et Pontianak, transportait 62 personnes.

Pelosi raises prospect of impeaching Trump for second time

By 7 months ago

Joe Biden resists taking stand on forcing US president from office ahead of inauguration

England’s chief medical officer to urge public to act like they have Covid

By 7 months ago

Campaign comes as UK Covid deaths reach daily high of 1,325 – and is set to stay there a month Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage England’s chief medical officer is to urge the public to “act like you’ve got it” in a major Covid information campaign as the daily reported death […]

Bob Dylan and the Capital Gains Tax

By 7 months ago

A “capital gain” occurs when you buy something and later sell it for a higher price. A capital gains tax is when politicians decide they get to grab a slice of that additional wealth. I’ve repeatedly explained that it is economically foolish to have such a tax because it punishes saving, investment, risk taking, and […]

Coons calls on Cruz and Hawley to resign

By 7 months ago

One of Joe Biden’s top allies is calling on two GOP senators to step down. During a press conference in Delaware, Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), told reporters that Sens. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) “should resign,” according to WBOC, one day after a group of Trump supporters staged a deadly insurrection in the […]

IAEA Highlights and Achievements in 2020 – a Year in Review

By 7 months ago

In a year marked by COVID-19, the IAEA provided support to its Member States related to the pandemic while also delivering its planned services – some of them online.

Trump agrees to ‘orderly transition’ of power

By 7 months ago

President Donald Trump early Thursday morning acknowledged for the first time he will leave office and agreed to an orderly transition of power, bringing an end to an unprecedented and chaotic chapter in U.S. history and a presidential term that supporters and foes alike agree was among the country’s most consequential. Notably though, Trump didn’t […]

UK political leaders condemn violence at US Capitol

By 7 months ago

Boris Johnson joins Labour, Lib Dems and SNP in denouncing chaotic scenes, but fails to mention role of Donald Trump Mob storms US Congress – live updates Boris Johnson has joined Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP in condemning the chaotic scenes in Washington DC that saw Donald Trump supporters storming the US Capitol. […]

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