Lana Del Rey’s holidays were marred by a thief.

The 34-year-old “West Coast” artist put out a heartfelt request on Twitter Thursday night asking whoever took her family’s “mementos” to please return them.

“Hoping everyone had a good holiday – wanted to make a quick announcement,” Rey wrote in a screenshot shared to the platform. “This week, family mementos including my sisters entire retrospective were taken.”

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Rey is referencing her sister’s work, Chuck Grant, who is a professional photographer.

She noted that she only wanted the possessions back and no questions would be asked.

“I’d love to encourage whoever took it to please consider sending any of the scans of her previous work back to us for a no questions asked reward,” Rey wrote. “The work we lost can’t be reproduced and exists nowhere but where it was.”

Fans responded to Rey’s message offering their support. Some even offered to go on a hunt for the suspected robbers.

“Tell us the suspects we’ll handle the rest,” wrote @marianojpg.

“I hope you guys find it! That’s so beyond messed up and I’m so sorry sending you good vibes and good luck for the new year!” wrote @JakeLindner.

Just last week, Rey shared a short video for her song, “Bartender” on Instagram and gave a shout out to her sister.

“Had the best time shooting with my sister and my friends, (expletive) around in a rented cop car in an abandoned parking lot. We’re weirdos don’t mind us,” she captioned the post.

Rey’s album, Norman F***ing Rockwell,” received a 2020 Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. Her song of the same name also received a nomination for Song of the Year.


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