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Crypo Is Ellie-Jean Coffey’s New Gig Any Less ‘Toxic’ Than Browsing?


Crypo Is Ellie-Jean Coffey’s New Gig Any Less ‘Toxic’ Than Browsing?

Ellie-Jean Coffey just revealed that the surfing world is toxic, misogynistic, and abusive.Since departing that space, Coffey has entered the world of adult entertainment.Is she setting her own trap, or, as she claims, liberating herself?Surfers are not as ‘chill’ as we thought. At least not according to Ellie-Jean Coffey.Coffey just gave a bombshell interview that…

Crypo Is Ellie-Jean Coffey’s New Gig Any Less ‘Toxic’ Than Browsing?


  • Ellie-Jean Coffey just discovered that the browsing world is toxic, misogynistic, and abusive.
  • Because departing that space, Coffey has entered the world of grownup enjoyment.
  • Is she location her individual entice, or, as she claims, liberating herself?

Surfers are not as ‘chill’ as we assumed. At the very least not according to Ellie-Jean Coffey.

Coffey just gave a bombshell job interview that outed the surf sector as extremely problematic and ‘terrifying.’ Her reaction? Enter the globe of porn.

Though, on the area, it may possibly surface as nevertheless Coffey aborted ship to land on a further sinking ship, she may possibly have a stage. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s suitable.

crypo Ellie Jean Coffey
Ellie-Jean Coffey outs the browsing earth. | Resource: Twitter

Crypo Ellie-Jean Coffey Drops a Bevy of Bombs

In a recent job interview with, Ellie-Jean Coffey describes the surf business as so harmful and abusive that it approximately drove her to suicide:

As substantially as I liked surfing, I just absolutely broke down. I couldn’t keep on with all the abuse it virtually drove me to suicide, and I was blessed to go get that treatment and recover from it. And I know a large amount of women in the sector who have a quite equivalent story.

She proceeds:

The abuse, both equally mentally and physically, I endured in the course of my teenage years significantly away from dwelling with grownups in positions of electricity has haunted me my full existence. It was a very awful time in my lifetime.

By 10-years-aged, Coffey was getting into surf competitions, and by 14, she was well-sponsored. And however she carries on surfing to this working day, she’s no for a longer period competing. She describes her change absent from the ‘male-dominated industry’:

I actually really don’t truly feel that anyone’s appear ahead and definitely highlighted the items about the surfing market. It goes back again many years, this misogyny and male-dominated business — it’s genuinely harmful. The managers and the men and women in positions of electricity seriously abuse that to, not just me, but a ton of girls.

Coffey has since transitioned into an fully diverse sector, but is it any far better?

Crypo Is Coffey’s New Gig Any Fewer Harmful?

Coffey is using her electric power again in a bizarre way.

She’s started out a membership-primarily based grownup web site in which she posts naughty photographs and films of herself for a price. Her selection was not with out criticism, but Coffey statements she “couldn’t be happier” with her selection.

It does raise the dilemma, is Coffey just actively playing into the misogyny and toxicity that she was trying to flee?

Undoubtedly, most of her subscribers are males that will appear to look at her as not much more than an object. Unless of course you truly believe that that her ‘fans’ are just supporting her in a pleasurable, new way, and vice versa.

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crypo Ellie Jean Coffey
Coffey is fishing for new subscribers. | Supply: Instagram

Ellie Jean-Coffee describes her new venture in glowing phrases that conjure up visions of team treatment:

It would make me satisfied interacting with my followers on a day by day foundation, and creating up these relationships. I’ve learnt so substantially about my followers, and aided countless numbers improve their confidence and sense far more optimistic about them selves.

I had no concept porn could be so healing!

But no matter if or not you share Coffey’s rose-coloured eyeglasses, you just cannot knock her hustle.

Given that the rise of OnlyFans, creators have taken their ability again. They can do the adult industry their personal way.

In accordance to Coffey, the payoff has been considerable:

Although I’m not heading to share how considerably cash I have been building, I will say it’s by much the most effective opportunity I have taken.

Crypo Is This A different Incarnation of the Kardashians?

Coffey and her siblings are by now currently being described as the Australian Kardashians. And Ellie-Jean Coffey would consider Kim’s place as the chief who shot to a new degree of fame by sexual intercourse.

But the Coffeys have just one detail the Kardashians don’t—talent.

crypo Ellie-Jean Coffey
Trying to keep Up With the Coffeys. | Source: Instagram

But if she needs to separate herself from the Kardashians, she could acknowledge truth and prevent attempting to persuade us that porn is a haven. For lots of folks, it’s just an unhealthy way to steer clear of their feelings. It’s recognized to generate adverse system visuals in young ladies. Porn habit is an at any time-expanding problem, and men and women like Ellie-Jean Coffey are profiting off of it.

She was dealt with terribly simply because of her sexuality, and she has each individual ideal to use it for herself.

But can we make sure you quit pretending that it’s aiding the globe?

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