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Blue whirl that consumes all gasoline it encounters is a few flames in a single


Blue whirl that consumes all gasoline it encounters is a few flames in a single

By Layal Liverpool The blue whirl flameSriram Hariharan (University of Maryland)We may be one step closer to solving the mystery of the blue whirl flame – a soot-free flame that consumes all the fuel it encounters. The elusive phenomenon was first discovered several years ago by researchers who were investigating more efficient ways of using…

Blue whirl that consumes all gasoline it encounters is a few flames in a single

By Layal Liverpool

blue flame

The blue whirl flame

Sriram Hariharan (University of Maryland)

We might be 1 phase nearer to fixing the mystery of the blue whirl flame – a soot-cost-free flame that consumes all the gas it encounters.

The elusive phenomenon was first identified various decades in the past by researchers who have been investigating a lot more effective ways of making use of hearth to clean up oil spills in the ocean. They were being experimenting with hearth whirls – whirlwinds by natural means induced by fire – and accidentally generated a clean, whirling blue flame.

Due to the fact then, researchers have been hoping to establish the composition of this mysterious blue whirl flame, with the hope of harnessing it for cleaner and more economical combustion.


Joseph Chung and Xiao Zhang at the College of Maryland, College Park, and their colleagues produced a laptop or computer simulation of the experimental conditions that produced the unique blue whirl flame. By slowly altering distinctive parameters, this kind of as the ratio of fuel to air, and evaluating it with movie footage of the blue whirl, the crew was ultimately capable to simulate the flame and analyse its framework.

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They found out that the blue whirl is really the consequence of 3 diverse varieties of flame merging. These incorporate an invisible outer flame, where there is extra oxygen than gas, and two seen inner flames, where the ratio of gasoline to oxygen is increased.

Recognizing the constituent flame types that make up the blue whirl’s structure could help it to be recreated under much more managed situations with out the require to go by means of the fire whirl phase, which is hazardous and hard to include, suggests Chung.

It could also assist information the style of tools to harness the blue whirl flame for cleaner and a lot more successful combustion. “Burning hydrocarbons is a single of the primary sources of our vitality and sad to say this has a severe effects on the environment,” states Zhang. “The blue whirl alone reveals a attainable way of burning that could significantly reduce this air pollution and so we are really enthusiastic to investigate this potential for cleaner combustion.”

Currently, there is a obvious emphasis on improving upon sustainable electricity technological innovation, says Wilfried Coenen at the University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain, but there are continue to added benefits to be obtained from obtaining strategies to lessen emissions from burning hydrocarbons.

“Soot generation in the blue whirl is significantly, much reduce than in a standard, yellow flame,” he claims. “There is unquestionably fascination in discovering the risk to mimic the stream field and combustion course of action of the blue whirl in now current applications, to reduce emissions.”

Journal reference: Science Developments, DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aba0827

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