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19 Stories About Twins Getting Mixed Up That Are Downright Hilarious


19 Stories About Twins Getting Mixed Up That Are Downright Hilarious

Last night, @flowerpeachtrees asked Reddit users: “Parents of identical twins — what was your ‘Honey, I switched the kids’ moment?'” Walt Disney The thread quickly got a lot of juicy responses that I — someone who has a sibling, but isn’t a twin — found outright hilarious. Here are some of the best ones. 1.…

19 Stories About Twins Getting Mixed Up That Are Downright Hilarious

Last night, @flowerpeachtrees asked Reddit users: “Parents of identical twins — what was your ‘Honey, I switched the kids’ moment?'”

Walt Disney

The thread quickly got a lot of juicy responses that I — someone who has a sibling, but isn’t a twin — found outright hilarious. Here are some of the best ones.


This Home Alone-esque tale:

20th Century Fox

Identical twin here! When I was four, we were at Disney World with all my cousins who are around the same age. I wandered off for just a minute and my family moved on to go somewhere else. When my mum was doing a head count, my brother moved and she counted him twice, so it took them a few minutes to realise I was lost.

Some nice strangers saw I was crying and noticed I was lost and helped look for my family. My dad eventually spotted me and hopped over a seven foot fence to come get me, so everything worked out in the end.



This, uh, “genius”, disguise:


My grandmother had a twin brother. They actually wrote and published a book with a chapter in it detailing all the debauchery they got into. My favourite story was that they had to renew their driver’s licenses and one of them couldn’t make the appointment. So one of them just went twice — and just put on a hat the second time.



This double feeding:

America’s Funniest Home Videos / Via

As an infant, my grandmother fed my sister twice thinking she had fed the two of us.



This epic parental trolling:


My mum is an identical twin. Her twin lives across the country, but when they get together, they find it hilarious to get the same haircut, dress the same and even record voicemails for each other. There was nothing more frustrating as a teenager than coming home and lamenting to my mum who then suddenly says, “I’m not your mum! Hahahaha!”

Even when they were kids, they often swapped dates with each other and my mum even tricked her twin’s date into buying her chocolate, a teddy bear and flowers on Valentine’s Day.



This embarrassing realisation:

Comedy Central

I’m not a parent of twins, but I remember having Algebra with a boy who’s a twin. As a newer kid, I didn’t realise he had a twin and I never saw them together.

One day, I borrowed a pencil from him during class. The next day, in class, I gave it back. He was confused as fuck, which made me confused as to why he was so damn confused. But he took the pencil aways, then promptly walked to his brother — who was in the same class — to return the stupid pencil. They sat next to one another and I never noticed! I cringe about it to this day.



This schoolyard confusion:


I have three kids — a boy and a set of girl twins. One day, I took all three to the park. Twin one had a big purple star on the back of her coat. I thought she was sliding the twisty slide — with her hood up — and then started to get distracted by the other two. I then decided it was time to go home, so I scooped the kids up and starting to leave. But to my horror, I had picked up the WRONG KID! This other little girl had the same big, purple star on her coat. She was the exact same size and everything, even had the hood up. I only noticed when her dad yelled at me, “Oi! That’s my kid!”

No hard feelings, but I was a little embarrassed.



This double dose of blessings:

Warner Bros


This summer camp story:


I was a volunteer at a summer camp for teenagers when I was 18 or so. I’m horrible with names, so I only knew the ones I talked the most with or who was in my group. At the end of the camp, one of the girls I didn’t talk to much came to say bye to me. Then her twin sister came up as well. I had no idea they were twins, or that there were two of them up until that moment.



This identity crisis:

Warner Bros

My best friend’s dad confessed something when he got drunk one night. He said while they know the older twin is named “Gary” and the younger one “Bill”, he actually lost track of which one was which when he was giving them a bath as babies. He never told the mum — he just put one back in the “Bill” outfit and the other in the “Gary” outfit.

This happened two other times before they were two years old and he says by this point, he has no clue if he’s the original Bill or not, or who is older.



This cautionary tale:


I’m a father to triplets and the two larger ones looked identical at birth. To help with being able to tell them apart, we colour-coded everything so that their bottles, dummies, diapers etc. didn’t get mixed up.

But during one 3 a.m. feed, I must’ve sleepily mixed them up and tried to feed Number 1 again who happily gobbled the second bottle down. Number 2 eventually realised he wasn’t getting fed and screamed my wife awake an hour later who assumed I hadn’t fed any of them and fed them ALL again. At that point, the bottle count was: Number 1 (three bottles), Number 2 (one bottle), Number 3 (two bottles).

My wife realised something was wrong when Number 1 wasn’t in the correct cot and projectile vomited his third bottle all over her. Even then, we only pieced it together a day later when we were awake.



This friendly mistake:


When I started my current job, I met a woman in the smoking area. We worked on different floors, but usually had the same break time. We got along well and usually chatted when we saw each other. That was until I saw her in the smoking area one day and she completely ignored me, like not even a smile. I thought I’d said something to offend her, but the next time I saw her we were back to chatting. It happened a few times and I started to think maybe she had mental health issues as the switch between friendly and cold shoulder was so drastic.

Then about a year later, I saw them both twins on break together. I told them how I’d been so confused by “her” behaviour and the twin I didn’t know confessed she though I was strange for being so overly friendly! We all had a good laugh at my mistake.



This sneaky manoeuvre:

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MLB / Via

We were playing Capture The Flag and part of the game is that each team gets to hide their own flag. Well, each team had a twin each and the one on my team walked over to the other team’s side and asked to be reminded where their flag was. He grabbed it and ran back before anyone noticed he was the wrong one.



This dramatic classroom lesson:

I was in eighth grade and my twin had the same teacher the previous year. During our first test, he expected anyone who had him the previous year to understand how he passes back tests. The thing is, I had no idea, but the teacher obviously didn’t know that. So when I got up there and did it completely wrong, he slammed his fist on the tabled and yelled, “INSERT MY NAME HERE, YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO DO THIS. YOU WERE IN HERE LAST YEAR!”

Everyone just looked at him oddly and I responded by saying “Um, no. That was my brother who was here last year.” Teacher immediately calmed down and said “Oh” and called the next name. I laughed about it later.



This Ned Flanders-inspired story:


I’m not a parent, but I have a twin story.

I was giving my dog up so that they could offer assistance to a woman, who just happened to be my co-worker’s sister. Co-worker and I agreed to drive separately to a McDonald’s one state over to meet his mum and sister.

So, this co-worker was basically Ned Flanders — he had an impressive broom moustache and the real Christian attitude you would expect from someone compared to Flanders. Anyway, I arrived at the prescribed location and spot everyone. I take a second look because my co-worker looked slightly different — his moustache was gone!

As I’m speaking out loud to accuse him of shaving, the words train wreck in my mouth as it simultaneously dawns on me that this my co-worker’s undisclosed identical twin. I say something like, “Hey, [co-worker’s last name]. Did you sha – hey, wait a minute. This is a setup — you’re not [co-worker name]!”

Co-workers’ brother introduces himself and assures me they’ve been doing this their whole lives.



This teaching journey:


I coached high school football for a few years and there were identical twins on the team. During practice, one of the boys was wearing a cropped shirt under his shoulder pads and I noticed that he had a giant scar on his stomach from appendix surgery.

Anyway, I was very excited because I thought this could be the way to distinguish between the kids. Turned out both of the boys had their appendix taken out, so I had to go back to the drawing board on that one. But by the end of the year, I figured out which one was which.



This deceiving switch-up:

Soul Train / Via

I had a classmate that has a twin sister. One day we — aka me, her twin, her and her boyfriend — went from school by train. Classmate sat with her boyfriend and I sat with her sister. Boyfriend had to use the toilet and when he was gone, they got an idea to play a prank on him. So they quickly switched some clothes (they were dressed similarly), changed their hair styles and swapped sweats. When he came back, he looked at one, confused, then at the other, and repeated this several more times. Then he looked at this girlfriend and was like “Really?” while he started laughing.



This relatable story:

Bounce TV

My twins are only 16 months old, but to us they look different. I will say I verbally get them tossed around. Baby B has been climbing things and getting into mischief lately. Then all of a sudden, Baby A decides to do the exact same thing, so my default instinct was, “Baby B don’t…Baby A….you, stop that!”



This foolproof plan:


I was told at a Mother of Twins meeting to mark the back of every photo because even if I knew then, 10 years from now I wouldn’t. I took the advice and I’m so glad I did because in the few pictures where they aren’t marked or wearing colour-coded clothes, I literally have no idea.



And finally, this hilarious hoax answer:

Great Big Story / Via

I sold one of my twins to the circus so I wouldn’t have this problem.


Note: Responses from Reddit have been edited for length and/or clarity.

What other hilarious moments have you experienced with getting twins mixed up? Leave them in the comments below!

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