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Deadline Extended: Call for Papers: International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management

By 11 hours ago

The deadline for interested contributors to submit abstracts for the International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management: Solutions for a Sustainable Future, to be held in Vienna, Austria from 1-5 November 2021, has been extended to 6 April 2021.

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Coronavirus latest: Toronto extends cancellation of in-person events

By 17 hours ago

Covid-19 has persuaded some parents that home-schooling is better

By 1 day ago

Some plan to carry on even after the pandemic

‘Merci, mon ami.’ Biden, Trudeau renew bilateral bond post-Trump

By 1 day ago

The president and the prime minister would like everyone to know that Canada and the U.S. are best friends again — though neither mentioned why the relationship had frayed. It was only a matter of time. They borrow each other’s catchphrases — “America/Canada is back” and “build back better” — and share policy priorities, like […]

US considers sanctions against Russia over SolarWinds hack

By 2 days ago

Senate hears cyber intruders exploited more vulnerabilities than previously realised

Ted Cruz Just Found A New Scapegoat For His Decision To Flee Texas For Cancun

By 2 days ago

Cruz, who previously blamed his daughters, revealed a new way to shift blame.

Trump taunts don’t shake McConnell’s hold on Senate GOP

By 2 days ago

Sen. Rick Scott challenged the certification of Donald Trump’s reelection loss, bashed Trump’s second impeachment trial and recently spoke with the former president about Senate races. But don’t take that as the Florida Republican siding with Trump over Mitch McConnell. In fact, the National Republican Senatorial Committee chair said he “absolutely” supports McConnell as Senate […]

L’épouse du baron de la drogue mexicain « El Chapo » arrêtée près de Washington

By 3 days ago

Emma Coronel Aispuro, suspectée d’être impliquée dans un réseau de stupéfiants, doit comparaître mardi devant un juge fédéral.

Arkansas Gov. Says He Won’t Support Donald Trump If He Runs in 2024

By 3 days ago

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Sunday he will not back Donald Trump if the former president runs for the White House in 2024, saying “it’s time” to move on to different voices in the Republican Party. “No, I wouldn’t,” Hutchinson said when asked on CNN’s “State of the Union” whether he would ever support Trump […]

Les protestations en Biélorussie inspirent les Russes anti-Poutine

By 3 days ago

Les manifestations qui ont lieu à Minsk, capitale de la Biélorussie, depuis la réélection contestée du président Alexandre Loukachenko, en août 2020, sont scrutées avec la plus grande attention à Moscou. Les deux pays font face à des mouvements de protestation contre la répression de leurs régimes autoritaires.

The Looming Crisis of Demographic Decline and Entitlement Expansion

By 4 days ago

There are many compelling economic arguments against entitlement programs. They discourage savings. They discourage work. They are funded with taxes. They are funded with debt. Since I’m a libertarian, I also have moral concerns about tax-and-transfer programs. Today, though, let’s address the big problem of entitlements and demographics, especially with regards to social insurance programs […]

George H.W. Bush’s Ill-Fated Luxury Tax

By 4 days ago

When politicians target “the rich” with class-warfare schemes like wealth taxes, it’s often ordinary people that bear the costs. For a painful example of how this works in the real world, check out the first 42 seconds of this video. From an economic perspective, this is a story about secondary or indirect effects. Or, as […]

Etats-Unis : des débris d’un avion en difficulté tombent sur Denver

By 4 days ago

Un Boeing de la compagnie United Airlines a dû faire demi-tour après l’incendie de son réacteur droit, faisant tomber dans son sillage de nombreux morceaux de son fuselage sur une zone résidentielle.

First IAEA Webinar to Encourage Women for Careers in Accelerator Science and Technology

By 5 days ago

Women account for less than 30% of the world’s scientists and researchers and this percentage is even lower in nuclear physics and nuclear engineering.

Fox News Host’s Bible Cancel Warning Gets The Treatment On Twitter

By 5 days ago

“I tell you, if they start canceling these American presidents, they’re going to come after Bible characters next,” warned Bill Hemmer.

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