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Every “Riverdale” Couple, Ranked From Worst To Best


Every “Riverdale” Couple, Ranked From Worst To Best

“Oh personally, I think you’re endgame.” Throughout Riverdale’s four seasons, we’ve seen a lot of different couples. Some of the pairings are amazing…and some of them I’d like to pretend didn’t happen. Here’s a look at every Riverdale romance, ranked from worst to best: 27. Archie and Ms. Grundy The CW Do I even have…

Every “Riverdale” Couple, Ranked From Worst To Best

“Oh personally, I think you’re endgame.”

Throughout Riverdale’s four seasons, we’ve seen a lot of different couples. Some of the pairings are amazing…and some of them I’d like to pretend didn’t happen. Here’s a look at every Riverdale romance, ranked from worst to best:


Archie and Ms. Grundy

The CW

Do I even have to explain why they’re at the very bottom of this list?! She was his teacher and he was FIFTEEN. Talk about inappropriate!


Penelope and Clifford

The CW

So, aside from the fact that Clifford killed their son Jason, these two grew up as siblings! Penelope was adopted into Clifford’s family and raised to be his wife. Their origin story is just beyond disturbing.


Archie and Cheryl

The CW

Not a couple technically, but this is one pairing I NEVER need to see lock lips again. Luckily, it looks like this relationship will stay platonic for good since Cheryl has since come out as a lesbian. Besides, she and Archie have more of a sibling relationship nowadays anyway.


Hal and Alice

The CW

Besides the fact that Hal turned out to be a LITERAL SERIAL KILLER, they just despised each other. Alice was always in love with F.P. and only settled for Hal.


Charles and Chic

The CW

Okay, WHAT is the deal with these two?! Is Charles just with Chic as part of an FBI thing or are they actually in love? Still waiting for the writers to explain this one!


Veronica and Chuck

The CW

Chuck sort of redeems himself later, but he was a total jerk to Veronica after their date in Season 1 with the whole “sticky maple” rumor. No thank you!


Ethel and Jughead

The CW

Another pairing that was never a couple-couple but is still a definite NO. “Ethelhead” just has a terrible ring to it.


F.P. and Gladys

The CW

Obviously, this marriage didn’t work out for a reason. Gladys is not to be trusted!


Polly and Jason

The CW

We never actually got to see these two onscreen, but they apparently had a pretty rocky relationship. Plus, uh, they’re cousins.


Hermione and Hiram

The CW

These two were interesting at first, but now their dynamic has gotten old. Hiram is constantly manipulating his family, and Hermione literally tried to kill Hiram at one point.


Toni and Jughead

The CW

I’ve gotten so used to seeing Toni with Cheryl by now that I actually forgot she and Jughead were a thing at one point. I just didn’t feel much chemistry here, and I think Toni is way better matched with Cheryl.


Fred and Hermione

The CW

These two weren’t awful together, but it made Veronica and Archie’s lives way more complicated than they needed to be. Plus, Hermione was still technically married to Hiram, who was in prison at the time.


Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller

The CW

I was not a fan of this couple at all at first, but after learning their backstory in the Breakfast Club episode, I liked them a little more. However, them cheating on their spouses was still really messed up.


Mary and Fred

The CW

Marriage didn’t work out for these two, but they still remained good friends and were great at co-parenting. Plus, that scene where Mary goes off on Archie for not being there for his father’s mayoral campaign event gives me LIFE. As far as romantic chemistry though, I didn’t feel any.


Alice and Fred

The CW

I absolutely wouldn’t have wanted their characters to date as adults, but I’m not going to lie, the chemistry between their high school selves caught me off guard in the Breakfast Club episode. Maybe it’s just because KJ Apa and Lili Reinhart played them, though.


Kevin and Joaquin

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The CW

I thought they were really cute together initially, but then we found out that Joaquin only started dating Kevin to spy on his father, Sheriff Keller, for the Serpents. They had chemistry, but Kevin deserves better.


Josie and Sweet Pea

The CW

These two could have been cute, but they were barely given any screen time or development. Josie pretty much has chemistry with everyone, TBH.


Mary and Brooke

The CW

We don’t know much about this couple yet, but they’re definitely cute together! I love seeing Mary happy, and I look forward to seeing more of their relationship in the future.


Archie and Valerie

The CW

I thought Archie and Valerie were adorable together, but unfortunately their romance didn’t last very long. Valerie was right to break up with him, but I would have loved to see them date a little longer.


Archie and Veronica

The CW

They definitely love each other a lot, and I won’t deny that I madly shipped them in Season 1. Nowadays though, their relationship just isn’t as captivating to me, and I feel like Hiram’s constant presence kind of ruined their potential. Plus, there’s the fact that Archie has yet to come clean about kissing Betty. Time will tell with these two.


Betty and Jughead

The CW

I know this ship is a fan favorite, and I won’t deny that they have a ton of chemistry. However, they don’t rank as a top couple for me because, honestly, after four seasons of these two, I’m tired of this romance. I think they’re a good couple, but I’d rather them spend some time apart at this point.


Veronica and Reggie

The CW

I was SO disappointed that this relationship didn’t last longer! I think they had amazing chemistry and I felt way more spark between these two than I ever have with Archie and Veronica. I still have my fingers crossed that their romance will be revisited at some point. For now though, they’re better off as friends.


Kevin and Moose

The CW

These two definitely deserved a better ending! I think this was Kevin’s best relationship by far, although I didn’t like that Moose felt pressured to come out to his father. I’d definitely like this ship to be revisited in the future.


Archie and Josie

The CW

This was an unexpected pairing for me, but I loved them together! Josie helped Archie through one of the darkest times in his life, and they were so sweet together. It was honestly refreshing to see Archie date someone besides Veronica, and I was heartbroken when Josie left the show.


F.P. and Alice

The CW

I know it’s weird that they’re dating at the same time as Betty and Jughead, but man, these two have me wrapped around their finger. I love their messy history, fiery chemistry, and “will they/won’t they” dynamic. I would watch an entire spinoff about young F.P. and Alice!


Archie and Betty

The CW

I know this is a controversial ship, but let’s be honest: It’s about damn time these two date already! Although I don’t love the cheating aspect here, I am absolutely sold on this childhood-best-friends-to-lovers slow burn. Their kiss in Archie’s garage was one of the best ever on the show. Sorry Bughead fans, but I’m inclined to agree with Kevin that Betty and Archie are endgame.


And finally, at the top of the list, Cheryl and Toni

The CW

Cheryl and Toni have had their ups and downs, but I’ve never doubted how much they truly love each other. They’ve been through so much together, from Toni rescuing Cheryl from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to Cheryl inviting Toni to move in with her. Toni was the first person to make Cheryl feel truly loved and safe, and I think their relationship will only get stronger.

Do you agree with these rankings? Majorly disagree? Want to argue?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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