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Remdesivir: the rise and fall of a Covid wonder drug

By 8 hours ago

Gilead’s antiviral drew praise from the White House and a scramble for orders. But does it work?

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International Experts Discuss: What can Radiation Protection Learn from the COVID-19 Pandemic?

By 15 hours ago

While the COVID-19 pandemic presents ongoing challenges marked by border closures, and health care systems worldwide strained to their limits, the safety practices inherent with nuclear technologies have ensured the safe and successful continuation of radiation applications globally.

The scandal-hit market for passports and long-term visas is booming

By 1 day ago

The urge to escape covid-19 has given it a boost

Comedian Sarah Cooper Won’t Relax Until Biden’s Hand Is In The Air ‘Taking The Oath’

By 1 day ago

“I hate him so much,” Cooper says of Trump, even though he’s “provided my greatest material.”

Naval drills in the Indian Ocean give bite to the anti-China “Quad”

By 2 days ago

America, Australia, India and Japan are building a formidable diplomatic bloc

Trump Wonders Why Joe Biden Is Forming A Cabinet In Latest Tweet Screed

By 2 days ago

He calls on state legislatures to have the “courage” to overturn the presidential election in his favor as time is running out.

Will Biden Resuscitate Obama’s Reprehensible “Operation Choke Point”?

By 2 days ago

Some policies will improve with Biden in the White House, most notably trade, but also government spending (not because Biden is good, but rather because Republicans will go back to pretending to be fiscally conservative). But some policies will move in the wrong direction. Biden is awful on tax policy, for instance, though I expect […]

National, State GOP Leaders Seek Delay In Certification Of Michigan’s Election Results

By 3 days ago

Without citing any proof, the RNC and Michigan Republican Party have called for a “full audit and investigation” into alleged voting “anomalies and irregularities.”

The Tories’ ‘chumocracy’ over Covid contracts is destroying public trust | Sophie Hill

By 3 days ago

You could be forgiven for thinking the government has treated the pandemic as an opportunity to reward its friends Under the cover of an emergency, the government awarded £18bn in coronavirus-related contracts during the first six months of the pandemic, most with no competitive tendering processes. Meanwhile contracts totalling £1.5bn have gone to companies with […]

The Case for Capitalism, Part IV

By 3 days ago

Previous editions of the case for capitalism (Part I, Part II, and Part III) have focused on big-picture analyses of markets vs statism. Today, let’s look at a specific product that free enterprise has delivered. Younger readers may take smartphones for granted, but I was born during the Eisenhower Administration and grew up with no […]

Covid-19 has shone a light on racial disparities in health

By 4 days ago

Unpicking the causes of gaps in health outcomes requires better data than most countries currently collect

UK coronavirus live: Christmas household mixing could lead to tens of thousands more cases, expert warns

By 4 days ago

Latest updates: Prof Sir David Spiegelhalter warns relaxing restrictions over Christmas could lead to a spike in cases and deaths NHS prepares dozens of Covid mass vaccination centres Unions call for frontline workers to be prioritised for vaccine Spending row as Sunak puts squeeze on public sector salaries Bullying inquiry ‘found evidence Priti Patel broke […]

Ivanka Trump calls legal inquiries into Trump business political ‘harassment’

By 4 days ago

Ivanka Trump on Thursday called New York state investigations into her father’s business dealings “harassment,” seeming to confirm that the probes now include tax write-offs that appear to involve her. “This is harassment pure and simple,” she wrote on Twitter, linking to a New York Times report of recent subpoenas on the Trump Organization. “This […]

Lara Trump May Run For Senator From North Carolina In 2022: N.Y. Times

By 5 days ago

If the president’s daughter-in-law does run, it will be a good test if any Trump other than Donald can win an election.

Loeffler, Perdue turn to Fox viewers to fund pricey Georgia runoffs

By 5 days ago

The price tag for the Georgia Senate runoffs has already cleared $100 million — and it’s climbing fast. Top super PACs and Senate committees from both parties have laid down tens of millions of dollars combined in initial advertising buys for the two runoff races, which will decide control of the Senate. It’s only a […]

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