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New WHO/IAEA Publication Provides Guidance on Radiotherapy Equipment to Fight Cancer

By 6 hours ago

New WHO/IAEA guidance on the procurement of radiotherapy equipment could improve access to this life-saving cancer treatment option that is still lacking in many parts of the world.

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Biden backs new war powers vote in Congress, White House says

By 13 hours ago

President Joe Biden intends to work with Congress to repeal the war authorizations that have underpinned U.S. military operations across the globe for the past two decades and negotiate a new one that reins in the open-ended nature of America’s foreign wars, the White House said Friday. In a statement to POLITICO, press secretary Jen […]

Investment in Medical Imaging Scans Could Avert Millions of Cancer Deaths Globally, Report Co-Sponsored by the IAEA Shows

By 1 day ago

Scaling up access to nuclear medicine and medical imaging services would avert nearly 2.5 million cancer deaths worldwide by 2030 and yield global lifetime productivity gains of USD 1.41 trillion – a net return of over USD 200 per USD 1 invested, a new study co-authored by the IAEA shows.

Brian Kemp Says He’d ‘Absolutely’ Back Trump — Who Called Him A ‘Nut Job’ — In 2024

By 1 day ago

Georgia’s GOP governor is pledging allegiance to Trump, even though the former president repeatedly trashed him.

Rishi Sunak defends budget amid claim it will plunge 500,000 more people into poverty – politics live

By 2 days ago

Chancellor defends budget after Joseph Rowntree Foundation says decisions on universal credit will put half a million more into poverty IFS criticises ‘remarkable’ move not to phase out universal credit uplift ‘Families are struggling’: Britons react to Rishi Sunak’s 2021 budget Sunak’s £1bn of ‘town deals’ will nearly all go to Tory constituencies Budget calculator […]

UK government may start offering financial rewards for becoming healthier

By 2 days ago

NHS and councils in England also being given £70m towards weight loss and fitness courses The government is expanding access to weight loss services and may start offering people financial rewards for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as part of the fight against obesity. The Department of Health and Social Care is giving the NHS and […]

Supermarkets may get more time to adapt to Northern Ireland trading rules

By 2 days ago

Move on post-Brexit trading will raise fears No 10 may try to tweak Northern Ireland protocol The British government is to unilaterally extend Irish sea border grace periods to give supermarkets and suppliers more time to adapt to post-Brexit trading rules with Northern Ireland, risking a new clash with the EU. Brandon Lewis, the Northern […]

The pandemic puts a strain on elite private schools

By 3 days ago

Some will probably be forced to close. Those that remain must adapt

How far-right extremism is becoming a global threat

By 3 days ago

The blend of revanchism and conspiracism seen in America’s Capitol riots is crossing borders

No Repeal of the $170 Billion Tax Break for Billionaires and No Change in Minimum Wage: Why Democrats Can’t Keep Their Promises in the Relief Bill

By 3 days ago

The Democratic party’s unified control of Washington has put them within striking distance of fulfilling a key campaign promise: a coronavirus relief package that will send $1,400 checks to lower and middle-income Americans, extend federal unemployment insurance through the fall, and allot nearly $130 billion to re-open K-12 schools. But it’s also notable what won’t […]

Andrew Cuomo Was a ‘Resistance’ Icon. Now There’s ‘Blood in the Water’

By 4 days ago

A little less than a year ago, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was on top of the world. His daily press briefings about the coronavirus pandemic became must-watch TV, even earning him an International Emmy Award. He was the tough guy of Democrats’ dreams, going toe-to-toe with President Trump over personal protective equipment and ventilators. […]

Biden administration won’t ID Saudis barred from U.S. in Khashoggi fallout

By 4 days ago

The Biden administration will not publicly identify any of the 76 Saudis which it says it is barring from entering the United States, as part of punishing Saudi Arabia over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The decision, which the State Department says is rooted in privacy laws governing U.S. visas, raises questions about the […]

Madison Cawthorn Lied About Crash That Partially Paralyzed Him, Pal Says

By 4 days ago

The right-wing star claimed his friend left him to die in a “fiery tomb.” The friend told The Washington Post he pulled Cawthorn from the wreck.

Is it time for “ecocide” to become an international crime?

By 5 days ago

A growing movement wants destruction of the environment to be treated like genocide and crimes against humanity

‘I Am Not the President’s Lawyer.’ Merrick Garland Vows Independence as Attorney General

By 5 days ago

U.S. Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland assured Congress on Monday that he would remain independent of partisan influences if he is confirmed to the post. Garland, one of President Joe Biden’s highest-profile nominees, would oversee a wide-reaching department that has a hand in everything from the prosecution of rioters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. […]

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