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Trump Could Pay $156,000 For Every Jan. 6 Rioter’s Defense, But So Far Has Spent Zero

By 2 days ago

The former president is sitting on at least $105 million in cash collected by spreading the same lies about the election that incited the assault on the Capitol.

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High-level Meetings in Iran ‘Inconclusive,’ IAEA Director General tells Board

By 3 days ago

Extensive negotiations yesterday in Iran to address outstanding nuclear verification issues “proved inconclusive,” IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi told the Agency’s Board of Governors

Ranking State Income Taxes

By 5 days ago

Motivated in part by an excellent graphic that I shared in 2016, I put together a five-column ranking of state personal income tax systems in 2018. Given some changes that have since occurred, it’s time for a new version. The first two columns are self explanatory and columns 3 and 5 are based on whether […]

Socialism Humor

By 6 days ago

I try to share something humorous every weekend (economics humor last weekend and politician humor the previous weekend). This weekend, we’re going to add to our collection of socialism humor. Our first item nicely summarizes the incentive structure of socialism (sort of like this cartoon). Our second item mocks the left’s hypocritical approach to coercion. […]

Top GOP senator ‘not going to defend’ Republican blockade on diplomatic nominees

By 7 days ago

HALIFAX, Canada — The top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said on Saturday he won’t defend his party’s blockade of President Joe Biden’s picks to top diplomatic posts. With more than 50 foreign-policy nominations stalling on the Senate floor, Idaho Sen. Jim Risch said he has been “as energetic as I can about […]

Another Good Election Result for Taxpayers

By 1 week ago

Immediately after election day in early November, I applauded voters in the (very blue) state of Washington. They wisely expressed their opposition to a plan by state politicians to impose a capital gains tax. And it wasn’t even close. Voters said no by a landslide margin in a state that went heavily for Biden. Today, […]

China bill throws a wrench in Senate’s defense policy push

By 1 week ago

The Senate’s already-delayed annual defense policy bill faced yet another roadblock on Wednesday, throwing the timing of the must-pass legislation into further doubt as lawmakers looked to include a China competitiveness bill. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer delayed an initial procedural vote on the National Defense Authorization Act on Wednesday morning, amid disagreements over the […]

Secretary Pete careening toward a GOP buzzsaw over infrastructure cash

By 2 weeks ago

Pete Buttigieg’s potentially legacy-making opportunity to help steer $550 billion in new infrastructure cash also offers Republicans their best opening yet to hobble his political future. His agency’s newly filled coffers will give Buttigieg the chance to blitz the airwaves and crisscross the country handing out money for bridges and roads, further adding to his […]

Momentum Is Building for Antitrust Reform. Here’s What That Means for Big Tech

By 2 weeks ago

Worry about the concentration of wealth and power achieved by monopolistic—or potentially monopolistic—entities have always been wrapped up in each respective era’s technological innovations. It is not surprising then that the focal point of today’s debate around antitrust reform is the size and scope of internet giants like Google, Facebook (Meta Platforms, Inc.), Amazon and […]

Economics Humor

By 2 weeks ago

I’ve shared lots of socialism humor and communism humor, but only a few examples of economics humor. So let’s use today’s column as an opportunity to augment that limited collection. We’ll start with a couple of items about the minimum wage. I wrote a column back in 2009 about why unions support a higher minimum […]

Africa’s ‘Great Green Wall’ shifts focus to hold off desert

By 2 weeks ago

KEBEMER, Senegal — The idea was striking in its ambition: African countries aimed to plant trees in a nearly 5,000-mile line spanning the entire continent, creating a natural barrier to hold back the Sahara Desert as climate change swept the sands south. The project called the Great Green Wall began in 2007 with a vision […]

Biden’s Pro-Communist Nominee

By 1 month ago

As explained in this video by Dennis Prager, communism is an evil ideology that has led to the murder of more than 100 million people and the enslavement of hundreds of millions more. All decent people should not only reject communism, but also ostracize anybody who offers support or sympathy for communism. We are (or […]

Electronique : la Chine veut réduire à tout prix sa dépendance aux puces étrangères

By 1 month ago

Dans un contexte de pénurie mondiale de semi-conducteurs, l’empire du Milieu tente de mettre les bouchées doubles pour atteindre « l’indépendance technologique » qui fait défaut à son économie.

Inside Brad Parscale’s New Life In The Heartland

By 1 month ago

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager is working to elect a long shot Ohio gubernatorial candidate — and he’s doing it in fancy cowboy boots.

What Lessons Can We Learn by Comparing U.S. and European Economic Performance?

By 2 months ago

I freely admit that I don’t like President Biden’s fiscal agenda in part because of my libertarianism. Simply stated, I’m instinctively skeptical when someone wants to expand government. But I’m also an economist who believes in cost-benefit analysis. Moreover, I recognize that there are “public goods” that the private sector can’t – or isn’t allowed […]

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